Salon Requirements – Therapy Room

Therapy rooms should be of a reasonable size as you will need to be able to move around the couch freely and have easy access to your equipment. The walls should be painted with a satin or other washable paint for ease of cleaning. You could consider posters or pictures on the walls advertising new products and treatments, or photos with relaxing images. Tiles on the lower half of the walls or over the entire wall are very hard wearing, resilient to knocks, can easily be wiped clean and do not need painting. However, if laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is being performed in the room then it is important that these tiles are not shiny as light-reflective surfaces such as shiny tiles or mirrors are not allowed in the room for health and safety reasons.

The therapy room should have hot and cold water, a covered waste bin, plenty of electrical sockets, good ventilation, heating for winter and a cooling system for hot days. A dimmer switch for the light is better than an ordinary on-off switch as it allows you to vary the setting.

Disposal of hazardous waste is a very important issue and is taken seriously by local councils. A special ‘sharps’ container should be available in every therapy room and used for all electrolysis needles, micro-lancers and foot blades.

Displaying retail products in your therapy room encourages clients to look at, handle and buy them. Shelving can be used to display retail products, particularly if they are to support the treatments. But do bear in mind that these items may go missing if the room is left unattended. You may decide that a locked glass display cabinet is a more secure choice.

The best way to get the most from your therapy rooms is to make them multi-purpose, as opposed to designing each room for a specific purpose such as waxing or facials. This means that the rooms must be easily adaptable. Trolleys can be prepared for waxing or facials and be wheeled from room to room as needed.

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